Download Paid Apps For Free With vShare on iOS, Android & PC

vShare is one of the very popular mobile apps for any smartphone user. It can be used to install some of the apps which are generally not available on the Appstore. It can be installed on jailbroken and non-jailbroken apple phones. It works through the security loophole in iOS. Since it works on iOS too, it is very famous among iPad and iPhone users. vShare has a lot of applications for free. The users found it very easy to use. The maker had made sure they covered themselves properly. It was impossible to trace the maker.

Installing vShare on iOS:

  1. Go to the site of vShare from the Safari
  2. Once the page loads, download the file you want (jailbroken or non-jailbroken).
  3. Once you do this, click on install and wait for the app to install.
  4. The app will show an error. The error message will say ‘untrusted enterprise developer’.
  5. After installing, open settings, in the general, go to profile and device management.
  6. You must click on trust option twice.
  7. Once you do it, the app can be run. It is very easy to use.

Installing on Android and PC:

For PC just download the .exe file and install it. You have to run as administrator. For Android, download the APK file of vShare and allow installing from unknown sources. You can then install and enjoy unlimited free apps.


vShare has made it possible for a lot of Apple users to download banned apps. It is a free app. It is highly efficient. Getting apps for free is one huge advantage of using vShare. Not just games and apps, you can also download music and videos from this application. You can do the same without rooting your android. It has a very easy user interface. It is very easy to use. This app has won the trust of all the customers. Being a third party app, it has still won the trust of 15 million customers. You can also download exclusive wallpapers. There are actually more than 1 million apps on vShare. It is proved to be very safe to use. It is proved because once you upload an app into vShare, it is tested properly. Sometimes it is done by a machine but most of the time, it is manual. They have been giving frequent updates too.

There are no proofs saying that it is illegal to download vShare. Apple doesn’t allow download of this app because they would not want users to have more than one store for apps. It is easy to download and use. There are a lot more apps like vShare which lets you download free apps but this has won maximum trust from users across the world. Your vShare profile is protected with a password. You can also use a touch ID. You just have to tap the app, enter your password and the app gets downloaded. Users find it exciting and comfortable to use.

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