Download Paid Apps For Free With vShare on iOS, Android & PC

vShare is one of the very popular mobile apps for any smartphone user. It can be used to install some of the apps which are generally not available on the Appstore. It can be installed on jailbroken and non-jailbroken apple phones. It works through the security loophole in iOS. Since it works on iOS too, it is very famous among iPad and iPhone users. vShare has a lot of applications for free. The users found it very easy to use. The maker had made sure they covered themselves properly. It was impossible to trace the maker.

Installing vShare on iOS:

  1. Go to the site of vShare from the Safari
  2. Once the page loads, download the file you want (jailbroken or non-jailbroken).
  3. Once you do this, click on install and wait for the app to install.
  4. The app will show an error. The error message will say ‘untrusted enterprise developer’.
  5. After installing, open settings, in the general, go to profile and device management.
  6. You must click on trust option twice.
  7. Once you do it, the app can be run. It is very easy to use.

Installing on Android and PC:

For PC just download the .exe file and install it. You have to run as administrator. For Android, download the APK file of vShare and allow installing from unknown sources. You can then install and enjoy unlimited free apps.


vShare has made it possible for a lot of Apple users to download banned apps. It is a free app. It is highly efficient. Getting apps for free is one huge advantage of using vShare. Not just games and apps, you can also download music and videos from this application. You can do the same without rooting your android. It has a very easy user interface. It is very easy to use. This app has won the trust of all the customers. Being a third party app, it has still won the trust of 15 million customers. You can also download exclusive wallpapers. There are actually more than 1 million apps on vShare. It is proved to be very safe to use. It is proved because once you upload an app into vShare, it is tested properly. Sometimes it is done by a machine but most of the time, it is manual. They have been giving frequent updates too.

Showbox App | Download The App To Enjoy Unlimited Entertainment

When it comes to apps that offer you movies and TV shows first names that come to our mind are Netflix, Amazon prime videos, Vudu etc. All those apps offer unlimited entertainment and shows based on subscription. Showbox is different from all other apps. Are you familiar with that app?

Showbox is a really useful app for people who are passionate about movies and TV shows. It is one of the best online apps available to watch movies and TV shows online. Unlike any other similar app you don’t have to pay for watching it. The app is completely free and you can download it from official site, and also guide for how to watch movies online on showbox.

This app is one of the fastest streaming apps with good quality movies. You will get movies from 18 different languages with subtitles. Even if you don’t understand the language you can watch movies with the help of subtitles. Also you can search movies using any keywords related to it. The app is very user-friendly and easy to use.

showbox for ipad

Download Showbox on Your Device For Free

Showbox is available for any devices like Android/IOS/PC/Mac. The latest version of Showbox For iPad is the easily one. You can download this app on your device from its official site.

How To Install ShowBox on Android Device

  • You can download the latest ShowBox version on your device from official site
  • After completing download you have to open it for installation
  • When you open you can’t install it because of your device settings
  • For that, you need to go to Settings>Security>Unknown sources
  • Enable it by tapping the unknown source button to right
  • After that you can go back to the app and install it on your device
  • It will take a few minutes and after completing installation you can start using the app


Tips For Telephone Marketing

There are many tried and trusted mediums of marketing. The most popular medium right now might be the internet. However, that was not always the case.  Marketing via telephone falls under the category of direct marketing mediums. It is one of the oldest means of marketing and unlike mediums of its day, it still endures till this present time. There are a lot of reasons why telemarketing is still relevant till today.

It Costs You Less

Compared to other mediums of marketing, telemarketing is relatively inexpensive. The cost of putting up am advert on television or radio is double what you will spent on a telemarketing campaign.

It Aids Expansion

Telemarketing makes it relatively easy for you to find new customers and grow your business outfit.  You can also easily follow up on your customers. You can keep them updated about bonus offers and new products and services you are offering.  It also gives you the opportunity to explore other sales avenues. Through telemarketing, you can get immediate feedback on the market situation.

It Is More Convenient For Customers

When you market via telephone, you bring your product straight into the prospective customer's home. The clients will be able to engage you directly and discus any enquires they have about the product. They get immediate response which is not a feature that emails have.  You can then devise your marketing strategy based on this market information. There are some things to observe when engaging in telephone marketing. Every strategy has its bucket list of dos and don'ts. Here are some tips for you if you want to engage in successful telemarketing. Go straight to the point. Let the customer know why you are calling. Is it to book an appointment? Is it for a demo? Is it to sell? Ask sensible questions. Make them open so your listener will be interested in talking. You can also use closed ended questions to filter a set of categories you have.

Exude confidence. Make the call with the expectation of delivering a successful pitch to the listener. Don’t be dishonest. Honesty is the best approach to adopt when talking to prospective clients. Lies will always be discovered. Don’t be hasty. Patience is a very important quality for telemarketers. Telemarketing requires a lot of perseverance and patience. Build a rapport with your prospects. Use their name, use common frames of reference. Always have a backup in case your pitch does not work.  Make sure that your phone line is free from interference. Follow up on your clients. Make these follow up calls at the appropriate times so you will know what your client’s stance is.

Make sure the prospects are interested in what you want to buy. If they are not, well, convince them. Make sure that they agree on another phone appointment with you. When making your calls, always make sure that there is a writing pad within reach. You must take concise notes about the prospect. These notes will include key personal information and their language style.

Be attentive. There is a reason why you have one mouth and two ears. If you have to leave voicemail messages, ensure that they are interesting enough to make the prospect call you back.
Keep it short and simple. Don’t waste time talking about irrelevances.  Sound compelling and professional. Make sure your words are well paced and your tone is genial. Always have an accompanying email at the ready. This is because some clients will request for additional information. Be prepared enough to be able to speak ‘off the script’ when the occasion calls for it. This makes the telemarketing pitch sound more like a conversation than a business move. Let your passion for your product show through your voice. Make your prospects feel the passion in your words.  Always ask if your product or service will be relevant to anybody the prospect knows. If you get a positive response to this, note down the information given. This is one of the reasons why you should always have a writing pad within reach. Even if the person you are calling is not interested in the product or service, still push this angle.

Never EVER make calls while eating. You might be making a quick call during dinnertime in the comfort of your home but you should never ever forget that it is a business call. Do not make a negative impression on your prospect. Ensure that anything that might distract you is far away. Keep your mobile phones far from you because Facebook notifications, emails or text messages might serve as distractions.

Make sure whatever you are doing in legal. Always check against the CPTS opt out register before starting your telemarketing effort. Never guess. If your prospect asks a question that you don’t know the answer to, please be honest. You can tell them you will make enquiries and get make to them with the correct answer. But you should never in any situation try to pull a fast one on your prospects. Never interrupt your clients. When you do this, it only shows to them that you are only interested in what you have to sell and not in what they want. Be a good listener.
Never keep your support team uninformed.

Don’t waste time deciding whether or not to make the call. Inertia is a very negative attribute for telemarketers. Always keep your agency informed if you decide to outsource calls. Don’t make calls on impulse. Always be prepared. You should have sufficient knowledge about your products and services, competitors, your pitch itself and the overall market situation. Set achievable objectives for yourself. Center this around your personal experience, your business proposition and the market situation. You should also be realistic about the number of calls you can make per day and the number of appointments you can make. Set a realistic timeframe for yourself. It is imperative you sound authoritative. Talk like you know what you are saying. You should sound as important as the prospect you are talking to. However, you should also sound natural. Use simple English when talking to your prospects. Don’t try to impress them, this helps in building a rapport.

No matter how frustrated you are, don’t ever get angry with your prospects. Don’t be rude to them even though some clients can be very insufferable. Don’t apologize to your prospects for calling them. A lot of people see telemarketing as an annoyance in itself and if you kick off your effort with an apology, this will only serve to cement the opinion




You Can Keep Track Of Sales

You need to keep a close watch on your sales figures. It is very important if you do not want to run into debt and eventual bankruptcy. With the use of telemarketing, you will be able to keep track of important market information. You can readily note the geographical region where your product or service is in high demand. Also, you will be able to process important demographic information.

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Immediate Feedback On Products And Services

The power of customer feedback cannot be overstated. It is only through it that you can work on ways to improve your business. Telemarketing gives you the opportunity to have one on one interaction with your client. Through it, you can find out their needs and thus gear your product or service towards meeting it. Telemarketing gives you an avenue for expanding your business outfit and you get to create good customer relations in the process. This is an invaluable and often successful market strategy.

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